Jeff Bovee
grew up in an active Christian home and made a commitment to Christ at age 7 during a service at his local church. His life with Christ has sometimes been a struggle, but he has always felt God’s peace in his heart.

Jeff has served as a deacon and a member of the tech team both at ECB and in previous churches, and continues to faithfully serve in these and other areas today.


Siree Chanyaputhipong
was raised in a Buddhist home and was always interested in philosophy and religion. She became a Muslim for 5 years and worshipped the Hindu god Ganesha prior to encountering the risen Jesus Christ and accepting Him as her Lord and Savior in April 2010 and has since led a journey of following Jesus. All of her questions of life and significance and its meaning and purpose have finally been answered.

She is currently serving as a loving mother of three young children, as the faithful General Manager of the Bangkok Christian International Library (BCIL) in addition to being a LIFE Group leader for the past 3 years.

Rosel Fetalco
was raised in a Catholic home and struggled with depression and emptiness, doing Christianity but not understanding what it really was. Though she had known Jesus previously, it was only when she came to Thailand and ECB that she developed a personal relationship with Jesus and understood what prayer truly is. Knowing the Word of God has transformed her prayers as she seeks to spend time with Jesus seeking His will.

Rosel is currently serving with the Koinonia ministry as a greeter and is exercising her gifts of hospitality with joy.

Nick Lively
was raised in Christian home and at the age of 16, recognized that he had a responsibility to live for God, giving new purpose and meaning to his life. Such a conviction has led him to serve in various ministerial roles, including Church planting and pastoring, prison ministry, and more recently with the BCE@ECB Alpha course for the past 6 years as a core leader. In times of struggle or feelings of unworthiness, God always reminds Nick that his worthiness comes through His Son Jesus and not through anything he has or ever can do.

Shirley P

Shirley Prabhu
was raised in a Christian family with both parents and grandparents loving the Lord. She regularly attended church, Sunday School and prayer gatherings and accepted Jesus at a young age in her local church in Bangalore, India. Shirley finds walking with Jesus and seeing his guidance in her life very fulfilling, and daily seeks God’s plans for her. She has been involved in teaching Sunday School and youth ministry in the past and brought this experience to ECB.

Shirley currently, works in the Children’s Ministry (CrossTown) as a teacher and is involved in serving with the Intercessory Prayer Team, as a LIFE Group leader and is also in the choir.

Viki Roth Sawangpan
was raised in a Christian household and grew to embrace Jesus in her early twenties after experiencing God’s great love while attending ECB’s faith community and understood what Christian living looked like in action.

She is currently serving in the Koinonia ministry and is very fulfilled in seeing people getting connected. She is encouraged when people come back to update her of their growth in Christ through LIFE groups or BCE@ECB. Viki desires to encourage fellow Christians to get involved within our community and discover the joys that she has found in friendship and fellowship.

Fongchan Suksaneh
grew up in a Christian home with parents that served as missionaries. She is fluent in four languages and understands its affiliated cultures. Fongchan regularly exercises these gifts in her vocation as a registered interpreter and translator working mainly in Bangkok metropolis courts. She senses a strong conviction to respond to this call in serving as a deacon, seen as an experience to practice submission as well as the opportunity for new experiences.

She has regularly ministered in churches both in Thailand and abroad as a Sunday school teacher and a English club leader and trainer.