Jeff Boehm
was raised in a loving Christian family, with parents who were actively involved in the local church. He always felt part of the family of God, but it wasn’t until later in his adult life, after walking with God and careful study of Scriptures that he accepted that he was fully a child of God, with full ownership of his faith.

Jeff has been working with YWAM in Thailand since 2000. He currently serves as ECB’s treasurer.

Andi Chandra
was raised in a Christian family in Indonesia and encountered Jesus Christ at an early age through a youth retreat when he surrendered his life to Him. He had previously served as a deacon and elder of his local church. While living in Shanghai, China he served in cell group leadership roles. He presently serves as a LIFE group leader here at ECB.

Andi is married to Xenia, and they are blessed with two children (Jason and Jessica). His affirmed gifts include leadership and teaching.

Christopher Curry
surrendered his life to Jesus when he was seven years old. Although he walked away from fellowship with Christ through high school, at nineteen years old he had a radical healing experience and became very hungry for God’s Word, prayer and purity.

Chris has served in various capacities in the church, from outreach and care, to children and youth, as a small group leader, on a college church plant leadership team and as a missionary.

He is currently serving with Foursquare Missions International as an Area Missionary to South Asia. Chris has been married to Parichat (Apple) for 8 years and they have 2 sons, Ethan and Aiden.

Jeff 1

Jeff Dieselberg
was raised in a Christian home and committed his life to the Lord when he was 9 years old. He later heard and obeyed the call into full-time Christian ministry. Jeff has been involved in church leadership, especially in a pastoral capacity for over 30 years, both in the US and Thailand. He is committed to ECB and has been a guest preacher here on several occasions, as well as being involved in teaching Biblical Education Classes, and small group leadership.

Edwin Hawson
grew up in the faith, but believed in the power of self-sufficiency for many years. He rarely truly relied on God’s help, even in times of crisis. Things changed in 2008 when he and his family encountered difficulties beyond his control to resolve. Through a process which God orchestrated, Edwin attended an Alpha course, reconnected with God, and surrendered to the Lord, as did his wife, asking Him to take control of their lives. Over the years God has been gracious in resolving impossible situations for his family.

Edwin has served as a helper in Alpha both with ECB and in Singapore, and is currently a facilitator at BCE@ECB. He, his wife Irene, and daughter Elyse, are also members of an ECB LIFE Group. Edwin works with the Central Group of Companies based in Thailand.


Joseph Kuruvila
was raised in a Christian family in India but it was through a challenging life situation during his senior year in high school that made him lean on Christ and own his faith in Jesus. Life continued to be filled with trials and difficulties throughout his graduate education, but it allowed for Joseph to grow stronger in his faith.

He is currently serving as a LIFE Group leader and has previously been active in college fellowship ministry as well as leading worship there. Joseph has had to move extensively as he was growing up and is able to understand different people and their cultures. He is married and is the father of two young boys.

SH (Siew Hwei) Lim
came to accept Jesus Christ in 2008 as his wife was suffering multiple relapses of cancer that resulted in her promotion to glory. Before her death however, God opened the door for His love to be poured through their friends who invited them to church and gave them support with the love of Christ. SH serves as a LIFE Group leader, Koinonia team member, and an advocate for a refugee family.

SH is the father of two adult sons. He loves to travel to “strange unconventional places”, and enjoys hosting and organizing gatherings.

Shien Kwok (SK) Lim
started attending church when he was 13. Shortly after, he attended a Billy Graham crusade in Singapore and rededicated his life to Jesus. His life with Christ grew closer when he started working overseas about 14 years ago. SK has served as a cell group leader and is currently active in Bible teaching.

SK is working in the banking industry here in Bangkok. SK and his wife, Grace, have been attending ECB since 2014. They have two sons, Ryan and Justin.

Charles Mullo
was born and raised in Kenya. Although he grew up in church and went through the practices of baptism and confirmation, as was the practice of his church, he had a deeper longing for understanding his faith in Jesus. His quest took him to the Bible, and soon he could not contain his anger and pain at the excruciating torture and hurt meted out on Jesus. This drove him to tears and he gave his life in faith to Jesus when he was fourteen years old.

Prior to moving to Bangkok, Charles had served in a number of leadership and ministry capacities within the church. He presently serves along with his wife, Roselyn, as LIFE Group leaders and also volunteers with administrative coordination of the LIFE Group ministry. Charles and Roselyn have two children, a daughter (Kelsey), and a son (Matthew).

Howard Tsang
first heard about Jesus as a young child but it wasn’t until much later that he accepted Christ as his Lord and Saviour at a Christian summer camp. Howard, his wife Candy and their two children, have been at ECB since 2002. Both Howard and Candy serve in ECB’s CrossTown children’s ministry.

Howard is a civil engineer, working as an executive director with a project and construction management company. The Lord has enabled Howard in the area of teaching, particularly with children and has given him a desire to see children develop in their relationship with Jesus.