Membership classes at ECB are held regularly for those people who want to make a formal commitment to ECB as their home church for however long they are in Thailand, whether that is a year, or a lifetime. However, we accept that many people will not be in Bangkok for the long-term and may have already made a formal commitment to another church in their home country. Therefore, we allow dual membership at ECB, meaning that you do not need to renounce your membership at another church in order for you to be a member here, but we do ask that people agree with the ECB Statement of Faith.


Please note, in order to join the membership of ECB, you need to have attended a membership class. To join the next membership class, please contact the Church Office. Membership classes are generally held two times per year.


Membership at ECB requires receiving Christ as Lord and Savior and being baptized; reading and agreeing with the Statement of Faith in ECB’s constitution; and a personal commitment before God to the ECB faith community in the following areas:

1. I will join in the Biblical community of my Church…

  • by sharing my life with others
  • by acting in love toward others
  • by keeping and protecting the unity of the Body

2. I will join in the work of prayer with and for my Church…

  • by praying for the church body
  • by praying for the harvest

3. I will join in exalting the Lord Jesus Christ with my Church…

  • by growing in the knowledge and obedience of God’s Word
  • by obeying and submitting to those in leadership
  • by faithfully attending celebration services

4. I will join in regular service of others in my Church…

  • by discovering and using my Spirit-given gifts and talents
  • by serving in humility
  • by making disciples
  • by welcoming newcomers (pre-Christians and new Christians)

5. I will join in reaching the world for the glory of Christ in my Church…

  • by giving regularly
  • by living a God-ward life in the community
  • by being an effective witness