ECB 50th Anniversary


The LORD has done this,
and it is marvellous in our eyes!
Psalm 118:23


Pictures and downloadable files of the 50 Years of God’s Faithfulness E-book are available!


In October 1966, a group of Christians moved out of the garage at the old Alliance Guest House, and started holding church services in a rented ballroom at the Rama Hilton Hotel on Silom road. A year later in 1967, the official name “Evangelical Church of Bangkok” was adopted. Since then, ECB has seen 11 full time senior pastors, as well as many other pastors, and has grown from 65 people to over 1,000 members.

“Lord, you established peace for us;
all that we have accomplished You have done for us.”
Isaiah 26:12

The stories of God’s faithfulness to ECB through the years are overwhelming. We hope that as we celebrate by remember these stories, that you will be encouraged and edified by the opportunity to see the faithfulness of our God through these 50 years. More than that, we hope that you have a greater sense that you are part of it!




Click here to download the
50 years of God’s Faithfulness E-book


Click here to download the
50 years of God’s Faithfulness E-book
for smart phones or tablet devices (epub)



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ECB 50 Anniversary

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