In Thailand.


ECB offers Thai donation receipts upon request. For more information, or to request a donation receipt, please contact the ECB Office and follow the instructions provided below.

You can donate cash via offering envelopes – if you would like a donation receipt, the donor’s name must be clearly printed on the envelope. You can also donate via Thai Baht cheques, provided that the donor’s name appears on the check, or donate via U.S. dollar cheques made out to “Evangelical Church of Bangkok” or “ECB”.

If you would like to give via electronic bank transfer within Thailand, please provide notification of the donor ‘s name, the date and the amount of the transfer to the ECB Office. The account information is as follows:

Account Name: Evangelical Church of Bangkok
Bank: Bangkok Bank PCL
Branch: Bangkapi
Account Type: Current
Account Number: 105-3-13864-8


In the U.S.


If you are in the States, or would like to give in U.S. dollars, the Christian and Missionary Alliance offers U.S. tax deductible donation receipts to those who donate online through the C&MA by clicking here, indicating that the donation is for Approved Special 1-47200-46-71-09006 under the name Evangelical Church of Bangkok.

You can also donate via U.S. dollar checks made out to The Christian and Missionary Alliance” OR “C&MA” to receive U.S. tax deductible donation receipts.



If you need further assistance, please contact the Church Office.