Project L.I.F.E. Foundation


Project L.I.F.E. Foundation exists to provide social welfare services to the most vulnerable people in Thai society. We desire to see them restored out of vulnerability to become fulfilled, vibrant contributors to society. The individuals and ministry teams working within Project L.I.F.E. believe that becoming a follower of Jesus Christ is a vital step in true restoration. We are committed to serving people regardless of their gender, race, religion or social status.


Child Sponsorship Program | Hope Cards  | Ruth Center



Child Sponsorship Program

Mission: Project L.I.F.E.’s Child Sponsorship Program is there to help, providing funds, counseling and general support to needy children in Bangkok slums and poor rural villages.
Scope: Working hand-in-hand with a church, 21 schools, 2 centers and 24 villages, Child Sponsorship now helps 148 families in 5 provinces throughout Thailand.
Get involved: Support a child in need by providing educational expenses.
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Hope Cards

Mission: Hope Cards exists to give slum women income-earning opportunities through making and selling cards. Hope Cards desires to be a place of hope, a place of caring.
Scope: About a dozen women makes and sells over 16,000 cards per year. They are able to make the cards in their homes, enabling them to care for their children and for their families to stay together.
Get involved: Buy greeting cards online or at ECB Marketplace Sunday (2nd Sunday each month).
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Ruth Center

Mission: Ruth Center’s heart goal is to work with slum communities in Bangkok to improve the quality of life for the elderly and seek long term solutions to their care. In Bangkok, there are over 940,000 elderly people, many destitute, lonely, without family or anyone to help them.
Scope: The Ruth Center consistently helps 357 elderly people in 14 communities in the Prawet District. Ruth Center staff regularly visit them, giving them basic necessities and much love, as well as organizing special activities and outings for them.
Get involved: Visit and encourage the elderly on the 1st Saturday of each month with a team from ECB. Special activities and trips are also organized throughout the year for the elderly, as well as for their grandchildren.
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