Koinonia/Welcome Team

Koinonia (pronounced “koy-no-KNEE-ah”) = the fellowship of Christian community

The primary goal of the Koinonia Ministry and our great desire is to extend the ‘welcome of Jesus’ to everyone who comes onto our campus so that both regular attenders and visitors begin to connect to one another and feel at home. Presently this happens primarily through meeting and greeting people in the fellowship area in the lower level in between and after services. However, we are hopeful that very soon we will be able to expand this ministry to include welcoming and helping people at the end of our soi as they make use of the van service to ECB, and also receive them at ECB when they arrive.

There are also ‘ECB family’ events, services and fellowship times where we need people present to make sure that the needs of all are taken care of and people are greeted warmly.

There are an increasing number of events being housed in our facility by outside groups, and we need welcomers for these as well, to lovingly extend hospitality on behalf of ECB.

So if you enjoy meeting and interacting with people, and love to make others feel welcome, this is the ministry for you! Our intentionality in extending the love of Jesus as we gather on Sunday’s especially is one way of offering hospitality to one another (1 Peter 4:9) – and we would love for you to be a part of this team!

For more information about how to involved in the Koinonia ministry, please contact the Koinonia Team.