LIFE Group Leaders

LIFE Groups at ECB are smaller expressions of our corporate gatherings, where we welcome one another, worship together, apply the Word which we received on the previous Sunday and work together to see the kingdom of Christ established, and pray together. Serving as a LIFE Group leader means modeling and facilitating life in community. More than planning weekly meetings, a LIFE Group leader works to facilitate ongoing connections within the group that allow us to share the life of Christ together between meetings. In so doing, Christians are better prepared to credibly give away this life to pre-Christian people.

If you have a passion for seeing people “take hold of the life that is truly life” (1 Timothy 6:19) by living in community in Christ and sharing that community with a lost world, then please indicate your willingness by e-mailing LIFE Groups. Present involvement in ECB LIFE Group ministry is a prerequisite.

Remember, in Christ’s Kingdom, leadership is measured not by how much you know, but by how well you serve (Luke 22:24-27).