Prayer Guide 28 March 2021


Connecting my heart to the heart of the Father
Father, how I thank You that through Christ Jesus, the Spirit of life has set me free from the law of sin and death! Thank You, Jesus, for willingly becoming my sin-offering on the cross, so that all the requirements of the law might be fully met. And now Lord, knowing that I am Yours and that the Holy Spirit lives in me, may my mind be set on what the Spirit desires.

I ask that In Jesus’ name, You break all residual strongholds of my sinful nature, and that my mind be controlled by the Holy Spirit and produce life and peace in me. Remove from my heart the love of this world, pry my hands off of the non-eternal things that I still cling to. Empower me to live as Your child.

May I stand firm in my faith in You. Give me, I pray, a holy determination to live in the freedom that Christ has provided for me by His finished work on the cross. May I not live under the weight of sin. Strengthen me to walk away from temptation, to say ‘no’ to ungodly conduct, conversation, thoughts and choices.

How I thank You, Lord Jesus, that while I was still captive and imprisoned by my sin, You came and proclaimed freedom! Truly my sin is great, but Your grace is greater still, and You have given me Your robe and ring, and have invited me to feast at Your table! Forgive me, Father, for the ways that I think, speak or live that are as if I am a slave in Your house, instead of Your child! Forgive me for living in the shadows. (Pause and consider how you might be living as if you have not been forgiven and welcomed into God’s family. Pray about those things the Holy Spirit brings to mind.)

Empower me, this day, by Your Spirit that is at work in me, to live boldly for Christ and walk in the freedom He has provided! I choose to come out of the shadows.

Words are inadequate at best to express my thankfulness for Your great sacrifice on the cross, Lord Jesus, for destroying the curse of sin and setting me free! Thank You for this glorious freedom! Strengthen me to walk in Your great light as one forgiven, accepted and loved.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.
Romans 8:2-17; Galatians 5:1; Isaiah 61:1; Luke 4:18;Luke 15:11-31; 2 Corinthians 3:17; Galatians 5:13; 1 Corinthians 8:9; Romans 8:21


Praying the heart of the Father for the ECB Faith Community
MONDAY   May we, as Your people, praise You, O God. May all of us praise You, that the land in which we live might yield its harvest and we might experience Your great blessing (Psalm 67:5-6).

I will praise You, O Lord, and not forget all that You have done. (Pause and remember the goodness of the Lord in your life and in our faith community…)

I praise You, for forgiving my sins and healing me (Pause and give thanks for the salvation that is yours through Christ. Pray for those who have yet to call on His name.)!


I praise You, Lord, for Your many blessings, for satisfying my desires with good things and renewing my strength (Psalm 103).

Father, may those who lead us, our pastors, elders and deacons be renewed in their strength as well. May they be strengthened with joy this day!

Pray for ministers of the Gospel around the world that in all Lenten celebrations Jesus will receive the glory due His name. Pray that the many evangelistic events taking place during this Easter season through the Jesus film, dramas, musicals and other outreach ministries, will produce lasting spiritual fruit in every nation, and that many will come to know Christ. Pray especially for Thai pastors, that they will experience revival visitations of the Holy Spirit and preach the Word with power.


This week, let us give a praise offering to the Lord for all that He is doing among us!  Pray this prayer and add to it those things that you see God accomplishing among us, and give thanks! Consider praying this prayer out loud.

I praise You, O God, for what You are doing among us, Your people at Evangelical Church of Bangkok, for we are the sheep of Your pasture! You are turning our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh by Your Spirit. I praise Your name! You are restoring to us the joy of our salvation. Yes! Joy and gladness are being restored to Your people, and I praise Your name! Only You can do these things! You are releasing the tongues of your people to sing of your righteousness and declare Your praise! You are renewing our hearts of worship! You are teaching us to love what You love, and changing us by the presence of the Holy Spirit and the power of Your Word. I praise Your name, for only You can do these great things! Only You can breathe the life of Your Spirit into dead places! Only You can revive and transform Your church! I praise You, for You are rebuilding us! I will praise You forever for what You have done; and in Your name I will hope, for Your name is good. I will praise You in the presence of Your people (Psalm 51, 52)!


Lord Jesus, be exalted among us as we gather and worship, as we meet in homes, at our places of work, school and play. Be glorified in our conversations, in the choices that we make, and the places we go. Whether we eat or drink or whatever it is that we might do. May we always be mindful that we belong to You, and do it all for Your glory (1 Corinthians 10:31).

Father, I ask that those who come to ECB seeking answers about who You are and what it means to follow Jesus, will be drawn by the Holy Spirit to salvation. May each of us extend the welcome of Jesus to those around us and may Jesus be so seen among us, that many will come to faith in Him. May there be salvation in Your house each week!

May much spiritual fruit be born from the ministries that You have given us (our Partners in Mission, Crosstown, Oasis, LIFE Groups, Youth, Adult Discipleship…) Increase the harvest among us! May many come to Jesus! And yes Lord, give us the nations (Matthew 28:19)!


Lord Jesus, teach us to follow Your example and serve one another. May we prefer one another out of love for You and serve with joy (John 13:1-5; Philippians 2:1-11)!

Father, you are the God of all hope. I ask that You fill us with all joy and peace as we trust in You so that we might overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 15:13).

Thank You, Father, for buying my life back from the pit, for redeeming me through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, and giving me Your love and compassion as a crown (Pause and remember all that You have been saved from, and all that you have been saved to and give thanks)!

Father, may those who lead us have Your wisdom in all things (Pray for ECB pastors, elders and deacons).


Father, I ask that the Holy Spirit be poured out on the ECB campus, on my brothers and sisters in Christ – on all who enter the sanctuary! Pour out Your lavish love, convict of sin, change and transform us.

May our celebration of the Resurrection of Christ Jesus tomorrow, lead us into greater expression of His resurrection power in our daily living! May we as an entire faith community walk in the victory of the empty tomb!

Speak powerfully through Pastor David. May we, as Your people, have ears to hear what Your Spirit would say to us. Anoint our Pastor I pray!

Pray for those who are seeking the Truth and will be visiting ECB tomorrow. Ask God to open the eyes of their hearts and draw them to Himself. Pray that there will be salvation in the house of God!