ECB desires for prayer to be “the first work” – it comes before, during and after all things. It is the fuel of following and obeying Christ. It is the path to life in the Holy Spirit. By prayer Christians learn the heart of God, discern their own hearts and connect to the world in which Jesus is always working.

Weekly Prayer Guide

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Pray The Word Video

Pray The Word – Multiple Languages (Free Downloads!)

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Prayer Reflection

Feeling weary or discouraged? Click here and take a moment for personal reflection and prayer that will quiet and steady your heart.

Prayer Connect Magazine Free Sample

Re-fuel your prayer life with this free resource. Click here to download a sample of the Prayer Connect magazine.

International Prayer Connection

Pray around the globe! Click here for the International Prayer Connections latest monthly journal to guide intercession for our world.

PRAY – The Brooklyn Tabernacle Prayer Video

“Pray” inspires people to look away from their problems and give them to God at the throne of grace. The bible says God’s house shall be called a house of prayer. Teaching, music, and worship are all important, but we truly believe we need more prayer in our lives and in our churches. Through prayer, anything is possible and we want to encourage everyone, everywhere to pray.

Seek God For The City
2019 Prayer Guide

Seek God for the City helps you to mobilize many to pray with united, sustained vision for people of your community. The prayers in this prayer guide are biblically grounded and easy to pray. Click here to find out more about it, or to place an order.

It is also available as an app, for $0.99 cents.
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