Art Gallery at ECB

On 18th December we will exhibit artwork made by the ECB congregation on the themes of Hope, Peace, Love and Joy. The artwork will be displayed anonymously after both services. Anyone can submit their artwork, from children to adults. It could be painting, photography, sculpture, or any kind of art. It could be created specifically for this event, or it could be something you have already made. The most important thing is that it is made to glorify God.

If you would like your artwork to be shown, please send a photo of the artwork to [email protected]. For the subject line, please mention which of the 4 themes your artwork corresponds with. If there is a testimony or explanation that you wish to accompany your artwork, please include that in the email text.

Please make your submissions by email before Sunday 11th December. You will then need to bring the artwork to the church office by Friday 16th December.