Chris Chan Ebrahim

CrossTown Children’s Ministry

I was born and raised in Macau, growing up with a taste of Portuguese, Hong Kong, Chinese, British and Indian. Faheem and I are proud parents of 3 amazing children: Jonah 11, Caleb 9 & Layla 7. We have been living in Thailand for 11 years and this is our seventh year in ECB. I’m excited to take on the role of Children’s Ministry Head at ECB.  It’s a fantastic opportunity for me to give back to this wonderful community that has given our family so much.

When I am free, you can often find   me indulging in my creative art side. I enjoy creating art while soaking up biblical teaching through video or audio at 1.5X speed – multitasking at its finest! I am also quite a social sportsperson. I may not be a pro at all sports, but I love the variety, the energy of all activities and meeting new people through them. I am most passionate about golf, badminton and tennis.

One of my biggest hopes is to foster a strong sense of community where parents and children can come together, centered around Jesus and truly enjoy their time here at CrossTown.