Growing in Prayer Together
A LIFE Group Prayer Experience

3. Praying for One Another

In a group of two (same gender), briefly share a burden that is on your heart and pray for one another. Use the prayer-prompters below to begin praying, but continue as the Holy Spirit leads you. When you are finished, wait for your leader to end this time in prayer.

Pray for one another concerning the situation that has been shared. Ask for wisdom from heaven; doors to open; strength to come; healing to fall; comfort to be given….

After you have shared and prayed for one another, pray God’s Word over each other as well:

“Father may (name) find rest in You alone; may his/her hope be firmly planted in You. For we agree together that You alone are our rock and salvation; You are our fortress, therefore may (name) not be shaken during this difficult time but trust in You pour out their hearts to You, for You O God are our refuge.”
(adapted from Psalm 62:5-8)

“(Name), In the midst of the trial/difficulty (name the trial) you are in, may you be strengthened to remain faithful. May God count you worthy of His calling. By His power at work in you, may every good purpose and action prompted by faith be fulfilled, so that the Name of Jesus will be glorified in you, more and more.”
(adapted from 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12)