#lovebangkok - Giving

One of the ways to participate in ECB’s #lovebangkok initiative is through giving. In faith, we plan to distribute 5,000 or more food bags during the coming three months, which is estimated to cost around THB 925,000. To provide financial support to this initiative, please use one of the below ways to give. Please send a copy of the transfer details (including your name, the date and the amount of the transfer) to [email protected], highlighting #lovebangkok.

Bank transfer

Bank transfers (in Thai baht and foreign currency) can be made to the following ECB bank account:
 Account Name: Evangelical Church of Bangkok
Bank: Bangkok Bank PCL
Branch: Bangkapi
Account Type: Current
Account Number: 105-3-13864-8


ECB accommodates online giving through E-donation for those who have a Thai bank account. Please scan the QR-Code via your Thai mobile banking application.
If you are viewing this page from your phone, please follow these instructions:
  1. Click on the link below
  2. Press and hold on the QR Code
  3. Save the QR image to your phone’s photo library
  4. Access the QR feature on your Thai Mobile Banking Application
  5. Use option to retrieve the QR code from your photo library

The donation will be reported directly to Thailand’s Revenue Department to accommodate annual tax-filing. If you are a foreigner and require a tax receipt, please contact [email protected] by the end of the fiscal year for tax receipt.

US tax deductible donations

The Christian and Missionary Alliance offers US tax deductible donation receipts to those who:
1. Donate via US dollar checks made out to "The Christian and Missionary Alliance" OR "C&MA", indicating that the donation is for the Evangelical Church of Bangkok.
2. Donate online through the C&MA (click the button below), indicating that the donation is for the Evangelical Church of Bangkok.